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Semi-random musings on aviation-related items in the news.

  1. Hawker P.1216 Profile Art/Part 9

    by , 05-21-2010 at 10:01 PM (The Chicken Works: The Aviation Art of JP Santiago)
    I've returned to my Hawker P.1216 alternate history/profile art series this year and this marks the ninth installment. To bring all my new readers and fans up to speed, though, here are the previous installments:

    Historical Primer
    Part 1: Entry into RAF service
    Part 2: More time with the RAF
    Part 3: Operation Granby, 1991
    Part 4: Entry into Royal Navy/Fleet Air Arm service
    Part 5: More time with the RN/FAA
    Part 6: USMC in Desert Storm ...
  2. Air France 447: A Detailed Meteorological Analysis

    by , 06-04-2009 at 04:32 PM (The Chicken Works: The Aviation Art of JP Santiago)
    It's humbling to think that in this day and age of modern aviation technology such as weather radar, satellite observations and long-range communications that we but a trivial speck in the shadow of nature's fury. I'm sure that many of you have been following the news and investigation into the tragic loss of Air France 447 over the equatorial Atlantic.

    One of the other forums I frequent (though with much, much less posting) is the Stormtrack forum for storm chasers. I've found their
  3. Kawasaki P-X first flight

    by , 09-30-2007 at 01:21 AM (The Chicken Works: The Aviation Art of JP Santiago)
    The Kawasaki P-X prototype made its maiden flight on 28 September just a few days ago from Gifu AB:

    I hadn't realized that prototypes were actually under construction until earlier this summer. The P-X prototype will be designated XP-1 by the JSDF. Impressively, Kawasaki is also developing