The Chicken Works: The Aviation Art of JP Santiago

And the Rest is History...

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With the clouds of war looming in Europe, the British turned to the United States for more fighter aircraft was British facilities were already tied up with Hurricane and Spitfire production. Only the P-39 Airacobra and the P-40 Warhawk were available to the British and the Warhawk was their preferred choice. Curtiss had no spare production capacity for a large British order, so they approached Dutch Kindleberger, head of North American Aviation. Kindleberger and his team told the British they'd need 120 days to spool up for Warhawk production- and offered a better fighter. Given North American delivered on earlier promises to the British on getting T-6 trainers, they took Kindleberger up on his offer and 120 days after the green light, the prototype P-51 Mustang took to the air. And the rest, was very much history!

Location: Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Addision Airport (Warbirds Over Addison 2013)