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C-40A Clipper "City of Dallas" & "City of Fort Worth" VR-59 "The Lone Star Express"

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Boeing C-40A Clipper | "City of Fort Worth" and "City of Dallas" | VR-59 "The Lone Star Express | August 2001
  • Depicts the first two C-40A Clipper aircraft delivered to the US Navy.
  • Based at NAS Fort Worth JRB/Carswell Field, VR-59 was the first Navy fleet logistics support squadron to convert from the venerable C-9B Skytrain II to the Clipper.
  • Preview images: Whole print | Nose section of "City of Dallas" | Nose section of "City of Fort Worth" | Engine nacelle details
Of all the prints I've done, this one is my favorite and it's one I've always wanted to do ever since the VR-59 took delivery of the first C-40A Clippers beginning in April 2001.

Replacing the venerable C-9B Skytrain II, the first four Clippers went to VR-59 and the two I have depicted in this print, 165829 "City of Dallas" and 165831 "City of Fort Worth" were two of those first four to enter service.

I've tried to reconstruct the service history of both aircraft using online photo databases, it appears that 831 still flies as "City of Fort Worth" to this day with VR-59. But there looks to have been two "City of Dallas" aircraft with 165829 being the first one until 2001 when it was renamed "Spirit of New York City" in the aftermath of 9/11. In 2002 it was passed on VR-58 at NAS Jacksonville and now flies as "City of Jacksonville."

The second aircraft to bear the name "City of Dallas" was 165833 which flew with VR-59 from 2002-2003 and in 2004 was renamed "Spirit of the Pentagon" and still flies currently with VR-59.

I've been told that one of these prints is hanging on the wall of the main hallway of the operations building of VR-59 at the Joint Reserve Base. If anyone can confirm this or get a photograph, I'd be most appreciative.
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