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Kawasaki P-X first flight

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The Kawasaki P-X prototype made its maiden flight on 28 September just a few days ago from Gifu AB:

I hadn't realized that prototypes were actually under construction until earlier this summer. The P-X prototype will be designated XP-1 by the JSDF. Impressively, Kawasaki is also developing and preparing for the first flight of the C-X transport.

The P-X reminds me of a baby DC-8-72, it even has the longtitudinal crease down the side of the fuselage where the floor beams would be like some of Douglas and even Boeing's jetliners. I've got to figure out how to do a print or illustration of this aircraft!

It's good to see this aircraft in the air- it would be only the second pure jet four engined maritime patrol aircraft to fly after the Nimrod. During the summer there had been a significant issue with both the P-X and the C-X being affected by the use of defective fasteners- fortunately the P-X only needed 161 rivets removed and replaced whereas the C-X had over 3000 (3663 in 369 locations in the airframe to be exact).

It may not be until December that the C-X makes its first flight.
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