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Hawker P.1216 Profile Art/Part 5

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In this past post I had posted some illustrations on how the Hawker P.1216 supersonic VSTOL fighter might have looked had it gone into service with the Royal Navy.

Excerpt from that post:
Technically the naval P.1216 was designed with the AIM-120 AAMRAM in mind, but as this missile didn't enter RN/FAA service until the introduction of the Sea Harrier FA.2, I depicted these early 90s machines as fitted out with the BAe Sky Flash semi-active missiles as an interim measure until the AAMRAM reached operational status with the British.
Now let's hang some AAMRAMs on the RN version.........

This is more representative of what the P.1216 might have looked like in Royal Navy service. In the approximate timeframe of its predicted entry into service, it would have carried the AIM-120 AAMRAM as its main BVR missile and that was when the Sea Harrier FA.2 entered service since the P.1216 got cancelled years earlier.

This illustration depicts the naval P.1216 in the light overall gray used by the Royal Navy in mid-1990s with low-visibility markings for 801 NAS embarked aboard the HMS Ark Royal.
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