Northwest Orient Airlines Boeing 727-100/200 | N461US & N251US | First 727-100 and First 727-200 | Red Tail/Thermometer Livery

Northwest Orient's first Boeing 727-100 (N461US) and first 727-200 (N251US) in the 1970s/80s "Thermometer/Red Tail" livery. Northwest's 727s were acquired as part of a large-scale investement in turbofans starting in 1961 with the orders for the Boeing 720B followed by the Boeing 707-320C in 1962. The 727s were the next to follow with the first 727-100 arriving in November 1964. The first 727-200 arrived in October 1968. Fifteen of Republic's eighteen 727-200s crossed over after the 1986 merger. At its peak with Northwest Orient, 92 727s were active in the fleet. The 727-100s were retired 1991-1992 and the 727-200s were retired in 2003. Some previews:

The print has a white border making it suitable for framing and is done on a metallic heavyweight paper that gives the print a unique pearlscent gloss finish that makes the colors particularly vibrant.

Print size is 16x20 inches. Cost is $40, shipping and handling for US addresses is free.

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